5 Main Benefits of Plyometric Exercise

Every professional athletic coach knows about the scientific benefits of plyometrics. This is why the dynamic movements used with plyometric exercises are incorporated into athletic programs. But you don’t need to be a professional or collegiate athlete to make use of plyometrics. Anyone can use plyo exercises to gain the benefits of these workouts. A plyometric workout is for everyone, and so are the benefits that come with it. Five main benefits come from a plyometric workout.

Enhanced Strength and Speed

Every athlete wants to increase both their strength and speed. Even if you are not a professional athlete training full-time, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from plyometrics as well. Plyo exercises greatly enhance both strength and speed in athletic performance.

Plyo movements help with muscle power in arm and leg muscles. This occurs because of the higher rate of force development with plyometric movements. The activity spurs a physical response from the neurological system that changes the elastic capability of the muscle. Your muscle is able to stretch and contract rapidly, and when enough force is applied to the stretching function, the muscle will contract with more force. Applying the proper force occurs with bursting movements such as jumping or pushing. The higher rate of force development will show a rise in muscular power and force.

Increased Endurance

Plyometric exercises are great for building muscle, but they also help with an athlete’s endurance as well. Power endurance (which is needed in sports activities involving high-intensity movements for longer periods of time) is improved through plyo movements. Plyometrics can teach the athlete’s body to produce more force while spending less energy to do so. This saved energy can be spent towards the end of the activity which increases the longevity of quality performance.  

Burns Calories

Sure, running and other aerobic exercises will burn calories, but your ability to burn calories will greatly increase as your strength and endurance increases. With strength and endurance increasing, your enhanced performance will burn calories at a faster rate. Plyometric exercises assist with increasing your metabolism which helps burn calories even while your body is resting. Muscles need more energy than fat does, so you will find that the more developed your muscles are, the more calories you will burn with increased activity.

Stronger Bones

The benefits of plyometrics reach deeper than muscle, new research is finding that explosive movements also benefit bone structure. The body’s bones are constantly being rebuilt in order to maintain their density. The best way to turn on that process is to place a healthy amount of stress on them with plyometric movements. Bones begin to lose their density in a person’s thirties and will decrease between 1 and 2 percent each year. Increasing bone density prior to the age of thinning will lower a person’s risk for osteoporosis.

Minimal Equipment Necessary

One of the biggest turnoffs for those trying to get in shape can be how much equipment is suggested for a quality workout. Not only can equipment be expensive, but there is so much to learn on the proper use of each machine. Stepping into a gym with minimal exercise knowledge can scare away the beginner trainee from accomplishing their fitness goals.

Plyometrics, however, don’t require much to be performed. Basic equipment suggested to complete plyometric workouts would be things such as a jump rope and plyometric box. A plyometric box in particular will be most helpful in allowing for several dynamic workouts to be accomplished all with one equipment piece. By owning just one plyo box, you would be able to perform a number of different workouts such as box jumps, step ups, step overs, and other variations of those movements.

Plyometrics are an excellent form of workout because they can be adjusted to anyone’s fitness level. Through continued plyometric training, results will come in many forms.  If you are interested in plyometric exercises, consider owning your own adjustable plyometric box. Home workouts can be a perfect supplement to working out in a gym or professional training center, but having the right tools and knowledge is essential for proper moments.