Adjustable Plyometric Box

Our Elev8 adjustable plyometric box combines a supportive base and an adjustable platform to create the most versatile plyo box on the market. Here’s why:



The Elev8 is equipped with a easy-pull pin system and highly visible height indicators, which makes adjustment simple and quick.  Transitioning in seconds from 18 inches to 30 inches in two inch increments; the Elev8 makes setting up your jumps simpler than ever. Which also means one of our Elev8 plyo boxes accomplishes the same as seven sizes of the traditional wooden boxes. 


Floor space is a precious commodity in your crossfit gym or training facility. The Elev8 is safely stackable up to 5 units, taking up only a fraction of the storage space required for an equal number of traditional plywood boxes.



The Elev8 plyo box is built to last, with all aluminum and injection molded HDPE plastic construction. Withstands everything thrown at it, be it weather, sweat, or 800+ lbs of weight.


With its pyramid design and rounded edges, the likelihood of those painful shin injuries common with traditional wood boxes is virtually eliminated, making the Elev8 plyo box perfect for all ages and skill levels.